Size Matters

Introducing two new, pocket-sized members of the family: the slim card wallet and the bifold cash wallet. Crafted from a pure vegetable tanned leather, both thin and lightweight, the resulting products are slim and discrete, minimising your pocket profile. They each fit in the palm of your hand and comfortably slide into any standard-size pocket, be it the front or back of your trousers or your jacket.

The leather itself ages beautifully and can begin to do so from the first use, revealing smoother textures and darker tones.

We’ve avoided the bells and whistles in designing these wallets, opting instead for a stylish and minimalist look, alongside convenient practicality.

Currently available in the three classic colours of black, brown and tan, with every intention to deliver more parts of the colour wheel to your pocket in the near future!

The main difference between the two wallets, aside from their appearance, is their storage capacity. The card wallet has three slots for your most essential cards or folded cash, where as the bifold has four. The bifold’s main compartment will also accommodate extra cards, receipts and unfolded bank notes. *

*Pound sterling users, please note: current £20 notes will not fit inside unfolded. This, however, is not a design oversight but advanced forward planning, as when the new £20 notes come in next year, they should fit just fine!