The Process

Before you lies a glimpse behind the curtain into our world, a sneak peek into our operation.
This is for you curious cats, thirsty for the knowledge of how things come to be. But we’re not going to give everything away…





So let’s start with an order being placed with us. Your order. Your order lands first in our inbox, then on a desk. The relevant desk for making your dreams come true. For the rest of this guide, let’s imagine that your order is the only one that we have to focus on, requiring our full attention. Why not? This is your time after all.


After the requested specs have been given the once-over, the order can be prepared! The necessary materials are selected: the appropriate leather hide will be taken to a worktop and unrolled, the buckles will be chosen as well as any other metalware. Before proceeding, we like to check that the leather about to be used for your product is tip-top. Don’t get us wrong, we love the natural markings inherent to the leather, however some of those blemishes can occasionally be quite severe, affecting the integrity of the finished item. We do like to ensure that our materials meet our rigorous quality checks when we first receive them from our suppliers, but double-checking your reserved section seems apt to us. Call us fussy, we don’t mind.


The crafting can officially begin! A strip is cut from the hide, intentionally wide – like a formless lump of clay, ready to be spun into a magnificent vase. We also determine whether we have leather enough for any loops or, in the case of a guitar strap, any buckle pieces etc. If not, we remedy this.


Now that I’ve specifically mentioned guitar straps, I will also point out that if you have specifically chosen one, then at this specific part of your orders development, we would have to repeat the above process in regards to lining. That is, unless you have chosen a Raw strap, which has no lining… still with me? Good. So we’d select your suede or smooth leather lining at this stage and make sure it’s amazing before cutting you a piece to match your top leather.


Neglecting the overall process a little further whilst we pay undue attention to the guitar straps – We then have to combine the top and bottom parts with an adhesive so they can be cut together. Unless you’ve ordered a strap with those striking stars or with padding, which we have to introduce before lining and top leather become one.


Right, enough of the favouritism but more of that simile: The lump of clay needs spinning, which means it’s time to carve the wide strip into something resembling your finished Heistercamp creation. Using Press Knives born from our original patterns, we run leather and knife through the press (for which the blade is named). The result is the ‘naked’ versions of the components that will come together to form the finished item. Due to the changeable nature of leather, we make sure that the belt or strap is the desired length, trimming as required.


Now we play the gentleman, providing a coat around the edge of the naked product. Not only does this help protect the leather, it also adds a finish to those exposed sides, left like that through the cutting, as well as just looking better in general!


The stitching comes next. Well, it does for a guitar strap at least as all of our styles include stitching - belts are optional depending on your preference.


Holes need to be punched in for everything to function. Holes to allow the attachment of a buckle. Holes to allow that buckle to then adjust the size of the product on your person. In the case of the guitar straps, holes also need to be introduced so that the strap can be attached to the chosen guitar(s) – or else it might still look good but be otherwise useless…


As far as crafting is concerned, only the finishing touches remain. If you want to make sure everyone knows whom this Heistercamp artefact belongs to, by baring your initials, this is when we’ll add them. Much like adding the logo, they are pressed into the leather, though with this we often find ourselves holding our breath – so close to the end, this addition does have the potential risk of ruining the entire thing and resulting in toys thrown from prams… But all being well and with a sigh of relief, we can now add the metal tips (if opted for) as well as fixing the buckles to the leather.


And there you have it! Well, you will have it once we send it… but first we double and triple-check everything, a general rule of thumb being “If we wouldn’t be happy to receive it, we’re not happy giving it to someone else”. Upon passing this test though, we wrap it up and pack it up to be whisked away. We plead with the courier to take good care of it, waving them off and perhaps shedding a small, secret tear…


Our part in this tale is over, but yours isn’t. All that remains is the overwhelming joy you’ll feel upon delivery of your parcel, building as you barely hold back from tearing into the box. You may feel a desperation to publicly praise us on social media or directly, don’t panic, this is perfectly normal and we do encourage it.

Thanks for reading!