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Our Family Raised on Leather.

Welcome to the family! We make leather belts for your trousers and leather straps for your guitars. We achieve this feat using our hands. Hands that carry five generations of experience in crafting with our chosen medium. Our history goes back to 1884, so you could say we were raised on leather, hell-bent for the stuff. It’s in our blood. We choose to share this expertise with you, our extended family - the guitarists who use our custom straps and those who adorn themselves with our handmade belts. Together, we’re champions of quality, and we settle for nothing less than the best.

Our Craft We Create.

We make high-quality leather belts for men and handmade guitar straps for musicians. We provide a bespoke buying experience and our passion goes into everything we make, so if you’re looking for handmade leather belts, a custom guitar strap, or maybe you just prefer quality craftsmanship over mass production, whatever the case, you’re in the right place. We believe in quality. Sure, there’s a time for fast food and trash TV, but when it comes to real leather belts, and guitar straps worn by Ronnie Wood, Royal Blood and the likes of you and me, there’s simply no room for cutting corners.

Quality, Crafted, Soul. Handmade leather goods.

We care about our customers just as much as our products and we consider them to be part of the family. That’s why you get to choose what your belt or strap looks like. From the colour of the leather and the type of finish, to the style and amount of metalware, we offer an unmatched level of customisation for real leather belts and guitar straps of this quality. There are even extra adjustment holes on our belts so you can let your waistline go, and not your style.