Handmade Guitar Straps

Our Straps

Some things you can afford to cut corners on, like hoovering under the sofa, or the “homemade” cake for your mother-in-law, but not your guitar strap. Your strap should be as much a reflection of you as your playing style is. You don’t splash out on an Armani suit just to wear crocs with it. You don’t save up for that Aston Martin you’ve always dreamed of and then outfit it with plastic hubcaps. We believe the strap should match the quality of the thing it’s holding up. This is why our handmade leather guitar straps are as stylish as they are durable.

There’s no substitute for real leather. But it’s not just about the aesthetics; our handmade leather guitar straps do the job properly whilst you do yours (although it doesn’t hurt that you’ll look good while you’re at it!) Full grain cowhide leather offers unmatched strength and longevity and we craft each of our straps with our hands to keep your beloved guitar in yours. We provide you with as much choice as we can offer; a bespoke experience aiming, not just to suit your guitar, but to complement you as well.

Want a wider fit? No problem. Wish you could tidy up those cables or have somewhere convenient for your picks? We’ve got that sorted, too. Just want to make a statement with a real head-turning strap? Then have a browse through the Spectrum and Heavy Metal ranges. You just better make sure your solos are up to the same standard.

So, before you pick up the sad-looking canvas strap that comes free with any copy of Chords for Beginners, think of us instead. Our handmade leather guitar straps are strong, durable, and stylish. That all comes as standard. The rest is up to you.