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If you’re here, then you’re serious about your style. These straps are the showstoppers. The statement makers. It’s not all about the music – your image plays a role, too. It’s your presence. Think of the best showmen, the performers who made the earth stand still. Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. Queen at Live Aid. Bruce Springsteen’s three-hour-plus sets. Oh, and Prince pretty much any time he took to the stage. If you’re aspiring to that same legendary status, then start here with the Heavy Metal guitar straps. Named after the Tors on Dartmoor, these straps capture the same rugged, breath-taking spirit as the landscape that inspired them.

Featuring a little more metalware than the rest of our range, these straps won’t fail to catch people’s eyes and turn some heads. You can choose to have either antique brass or antique silver on any of the available styles. All the straps are handcrafted to order, so you can choose the length, thread colour, add a cable tidy or pick pocket if you desire. You can even finish it off with your initials to let everyone know you’ve arrived and the stage is yours. These may be our most visually striking styles, but you won’t have to sacrifice any quality for the aesthetics. All the Heavy Metal guitar straps are made from full-grain Italian leather, giving them unbeatable durability and longevity, so you can bring the house down for years to come.

Think of Metallica’s set with The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, or Led Zeppelin at The Royal Albert Hall, and prepare to join the pantheon by choosing one of the Heavy Metal guitar straps and making your presence the stuff of legends, even if you’re only performing in your living room right now.