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Muscle cars, 1950s movie stars and real leather. They all share a quality: classic. Classic isn’t old fashioned – it’s timeless and effortlessly cool. Classic doesn’t care about changing fashions or fickle trends. It lasts forever. And that’s our inspiration for the classic belt range, not having to worry about what’s in or out, the right season or situation to wear something. You’ll always be able to wear one of these with self-assured confidence, whenever, wherever. A good quality belt can last you a lifetime, so it makes sense to choose one that won’t go out of style.

All of our belts are named after towns and villages in the South West of England – our home and eternal source of inspiration. The individuality of the region is reflected in our belts, as the pull-up leather used in our classic belt range allows the oils within the leather to cause lighter tones to appear when it is bent or folded, producing a complexity that is truly unique to each product. It also helps with any markings or scratches caused by wear and tear, allowing them to be ‘buffed’ out more easily.

Our classic belts are available in eight styles, each in a choice of five colours: tan, light tan, brown, grey, and black. You can choose the length of your belt for a perfect fit (not just a lazy small/medium/large) because we prefer to cut our leather to size from whole full-grain hides. Then you can select the colour of metalware, choose if you want the belt stitched and whether you want it personalised with your initials. All these small details amount to a garment that you can really call your own, whilst retaining the timeless style that hails back to before Heistercamp as a brand was even conceived.

Our classic belt range is suitable for just about anything you throw on your lower half, so long as it actually has loops for a belt that is…