New Beginnings


The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 saw some huge changes at Heistercamp, one of the biggest being the relocation of Heistercamp HQ!

We didn’t go too far though, we’re still in the heart of Devon. We’re closer to our beloved Dartmoor with a view of a few of the Tors now dominating the southern horizon – we doubt that’s gonna get old anytime soon!

What is now our fully functioning workshop was just a glorified shed when we arrived. And we moved in November, of course, so we got to enjoy the full experience of working through bitter winter temperatures in a wooden box that wasn’t insulated…

The finished workshop operates on two levels. Downstairs is everything craft; workbenches, sewing machines, leather, suede, tools, and threads all used in the process of making our goodies. You’ll also find arguably the most important piece of equipment downstairs – the log burner! Upstairs is the communication hub; your order is received here, wrapped here when finished and prepared for dispatch. Any interaction between yourself and us likely takes place up here too. On top of that, upstairs is home to our photography room and perhaps a future showroom… but that’s top secret so I couldn’t possibly divulge anymore on the matter.



So as well as uprooting the physical business at the end of 2016, at the start of 2017 we decided that the cyber business, AKA our website, could do with a bit of a makeover too… We’re pretty psyched to finally be able to unleash it upon you!

It’s smoother in both appearance and functionality – we’ve included a feature that means that the colour of leather, suede and metalwork will now change with your selection, allowing far easier visualisation of your order! Pretty cool eh? What wasn’t so cool was having to make all of the sample products and take the 3000 photos required to make it happen… So make sure you take full advantage of this when exploring the new site!