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About us

The Story

Heistercamp LLP has a long association with the leather goods trade, going back some 130 years starting with my Great Grandfather who was a cobbler in Belgium. My Grandfather came to this country as a young man in the early part of the last century. He manufactured leather belts and handbags in Buckinghamshire and was then joined by my father, who later went on to own a saddlers and leather goods shop.

This is where I learnt my trade. From early on, I knew what I wanted to do and luckily I seem to have a talent in working with my hands – and with these skills I’ve learnt and a natural desire to produce creations of beautiful design, use of the best quality materials and genuine spirit have led, I feel to the exceptional range of leather goods we offer.



We were tired of seeing cheaply made belts, often reconstituted leather stuck together, being passed off as a high quality product, so we decided to set about making a high quality, durable product at a reasonable price. With that always prominent in our mind we sourced from the UK full-grained veg. tanned leather hides all hand finished to the highest standard as the basis for our complete range. We have been dealing with the company who supplies us our leather hides for many years. They themselves were established as leather finishers in the middle of the last century.  We feel that if you start with the right parts that are truly beautiful then the end product will be amazing. Our designs are meant to show authentic character – a style that is rugged-chic and possess a distinctly artisanal look and Feel. We take pride in our traditional work; it’s rugged but modern. Natural creasing and markings in the leather add to the character of our products, as well as making each one unique! Our contrast stitching showcases the design and our range shouts out strength and durability in very gentlemanly styles. We feel they are real head turners.

To compliment our range of belts, we have added a collection of leather bags.  Our leather messenger bags have been inspired by the vintage American postal bags but brought up to date for today’s busy lives. As with all our products, they are extremely resilient and age beautifully.

Our family are big music fans, so we didn’t feel our leather range would be complete without an extensive selection of leather guitar straps.  Our straps range from an inch wide up to and including, 4 inches. So hopefully there will be something to suit everyone!

From Devon, UK

Our belts, guitar straps, bags and accessories are for everyone from all walks of life and crosses over the barriers of an either-or decision of city living verses country life, or white collar and blue collar, and is best summed up in the phrase “ The rugged gentleman, a man who knows honouring the past doesn’t necessarily mean repeating it”.

Now based on their farm in the beautiful Devon countryside, Nigel is joined by his wife Alaine and eldest son James, they work in an idyllic location overlooking the surrounding farmland.

Nigel & Alaine [Vintage]

Nigel & Alaine Heistercamp

Guitar Strap In The Making
Thread Spools on Machine

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