A new breed has joined the fray, casting the world into darkness.

Blackened metal is its calling card, its symbol, set against a backdrop of pure black. Leather, buckles, lining and stitching – the Onyx are shadow incarnate. Black flesh upon black hearts beating black blood.

These night creatures mirror some of those who came before; here, amongst others, you’ll find dark reflections of the wolf and the hunter alike. However, at their head strides a different kind of beast, hailing from a place named Brent Tor.

Brent Tor was forged in ancient fire. Long ago, basaltic lava spewed from the bowels of the Earth, maybe even from hell itself, seeing as this beast came with it. Perhaps that’s why they placed a church upon the rock…

The beast of Brent Tor features both our padding and Conchos, within and upon the body of a Hunter and is exclusive to the Onyx range.

Having a running theme of blackness means that our usual offer of customisation is somewhat restricted with Onyx. But having said that, why would you need to worry about colour? Black goes with everything!