Leather Guitar StrapsSuper Soft


These straps share the styles of the Classic range but are made from different leather. A softer one, would you believe it? The Super-Soft leather guitar straps are just as durable as those made from Pull-up leather, yet more supple and lightweight. All the straps in this range are named after Dartmoor’s Tors, the distinctive rocky outcrops and peaks found all across the national park. We take inspiration from the rugged beauty of this area and pay homage to it when designing our guitar straps.

What sets the Super-Soft leather guitar straps apart is that each of the nine styles comes in a choice of thirteen colours, as well as the usual colour options for the suede and smooth leather linings. So, to tally that up, you’ve got a whopping ninety-one available colour combinations – mind-boggling stuff. If you still want a high-quality, durable leather strap, but in a colour combination that’s a little more outside the box, then you can’t go wrong with the Super-Soft range. Our Super-Soft leather is available in dark tan, mid tan, light tan, brown, dark brown, chestnut, burgundy, red, green, dark green, blue, navy, and black. Starting to feel spoilt for choice yet?

The other obvious benefit of these straps is their softness. Bet you didn’t see that coming. The Super-Soft leather guitar straps are light and supple, making them perfect for long sets carrying a heavy instrument, but as they are still made from full-grain leather, you can rely on them to last for as long as you need them to. Like everything we do, these straps are handmade to order, meaning you can choose everything from the length and width, the colour of the buckles, the style of the buttonholes, right down to the colour of the stitching. Your strap can be as unique as you are.