These straps are the bare bones, the essence of what we do – quality leather with no frills. There’s no lining on the underside of these straps, meaning that we can create them quicker and with fewer materials, in turn meaning that you can acquire them at a lower price! If you don’t want to splash out on a more expensive strap, but still want a no-nonsense, durable and stylish piece of kit, these are the straps for you. The Raw leather guitar straps are effective in their simplicity and, despite lacking the soft underbelly of the other ranges, still preserve the quality look and feel. All of our Raw Straps are named after the coursing rivers in the South West of England – our home and eternal source of inspiration.

All the straps in the Raw range are made from full-grain pull-up leather, available in twelve styles and each of those come in a choice of tan, light tan, brown, black, and grey. All these Raw leather guitar straps can be customised in terms of length and can be adjusted with the buckles for the perfect fit. You can also choose the type of buttonholes, thread colour, and personalise them with your initials. Even though the Raw straps are our most affordable range, you still get an unmatched level of customisation, so you can really make your strap your own. Many of the Raw leather guitar straps, such as the Axe and the Creedy also come with the option to add a pick pocket and cable tidy, so you don’t have to fumble around for a pick whilst trying not to trip over a mess of wires. Good thing too – even the best guitar strap in the world can only make you look so good when tumbling onto your backside.