Leather Guitar StrapsClassic Straps


The forebears (or forecows?) and pioneers of Heistercamp’s history with musical merchandise. The Classic leather guitar straps range contains our core styles and represents the origins of our love affair with guitar straps. These timeless styles hark back to the straps we were making at the beginning of our crafting journey – because some things just never go out of fashion. All of our Classic leather guitar straps have been named after Tors on Dartmoor, which are the distinctive peaks and rocky outcrops found all over it, and another example of the rugged beauty of the South West that we honour in the crafting of our straps.

All our Classic guitar straps are made from full-grain pull-up leather. This means that the leather is of the highest quality in terms of strength and durability, but also retains any natural creases and markings from the hide for a complexity unique to each individual strap. The Classic straps come in twelve styles, each available in five colours: Tan, light tan, brown, red, black, and grey. You can also choose the type of lining you would like on your strap. Suede offers more grip and less slip, keeping your instrument firmly in place, whereas a smooth leather lining allows the strap to slide on the shoulder if you want more freedom of movement.

The Classic guitar straps are the perfect choice for the musician in search of an understated, effortlessly cool look whilst on stage, whilst providing the longevity required for a lifetime of use. With plenty of customisable extras such as pick pockets, cable tidies, and personalisation, these straps can cater to whatever your needs may be while still looking simple and stylish. The only thing these straps can’t do is transform you into a pro, even if you’ll look like one, which might mean you need to get some practice in so you can live up to your look!