Leather BeltsTraditional


You have reached the highest peak of Heistercamp. The big leagues. These are our top tier belts and they speak volumes to people who care about the process and details. Each belt is handcrafted and finished to an undeniably high quality. Leather belts are our passion and our history, and this is as good as it gets.

We all have our respected traditions, whether it’s gathering for a Sunday dinner, arguing at Christmas, dunking biscuits into your tea, or lighting the barbecue at the very first sign of sun in March. Now, ours isn’t quite like any of those but it’s a tradition we really cherish and have done over several generations. Crafting high-quality leather belts is what we do and it’s something we want to share.

There is tradition in craftsmanship, and each trade has special secrets and rituals, something passed on by those that came before – certain knowledge or techniques worth preserving. We are proud of our heritage at Heistercamp, and the tricks of the trade we’ve acquired through generations of experience. These high-quality leather belts are a nod to the early days of the craft, with solid brass buckles hand-stitched into place in the traditional manner… hence the name. (You can always swap the brass for a silver finish buckle if that better suits your style).

Our traditional high-quality leather belts come in just two selected styles, Aspen and Birch. Both are available in five vegetable-tanned colours, made with only the very best pull-up leather, for unmatched durability, longevity and damage resistance. What’s more, we are able to retain all the natural marks and creasing of the hide, which gives each belt its own unique character and identity. Just as no two people are exactly the same, neither are any two of our belts. You can even finish yours off by having your initials (or any five letters) heat-pressed into your belt to make it even more special.