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You may be thinking that you have everything you need for your guitar. You’ve got your amp, reverb pedal, an electric tuner, a range of plectrums, maybe even an unused stack of The Great American Songbook chords gifted to you every year by well-meaning relatives. You probably already have a guitar strap, but is it actually any good? Or is it just a fraying piece of canvas with a plastic buckle that’s left a mark on your shoulder so deep that you’re now coming around to the idea that it might be there forever?

Guitar straps are often overlooked or viewed as just an accessory, a necessary evil for a long set, and truthfully, they can be. There aren’t that many luxury guitar straps available in music shops – the cheap ones will serve a purpose, but only for a limited time, before eventually fraying, snapping, or giving you a rash. Plenty of people even make their own straps out of whatever they can find rather than pay for one and, given the quality of the widely-available straps, these people can be forgiven.

Obviously, we at Heistercamp make something a bit more special than that, but first let’s discuss the benefits of a strap if you don’t have one already. The less effort you exert to simply hold the instrument, the more effort you have to play it. Even when practising, sat down, a strap will allow you that bit of extra freedom of movement, and you’ll be holding less tension in your upper body, allowing you to relax, and your hands and fingers to move more easily between frets and strings.

Comfortable, high-end guitar straps with quality shoulder protection will save you from a lot of forearm strain, and guard against harming your shoulder or neck. Like any activity, holding a guitar for an extended period of time without the proper support can cause injury, which will hamper your playing ability. You might even have to take time off, and we don’t want that, especially when it’s avoidable!

Our Straps

We believe that a stylish guitar strap is essential for the serious musician – it’s important that they function well too. We’re old fashioned like that. We’ve got seven ranges of high-end guitar straps, each in a number of styles and colours with plenty of customisable options, each one cut to size and made to order. That amount of choice might seem intimidating, but it’s just so that we can tailor the strap perfectly to you.

The Classic range incorporates our core styles and represents the beginning of our love affair with luxury guitar straps. This range features some of our favourite designs and harks back to our early days making musicians’ lives a little easier.

The Super Soft range gives you the same choices as the classic, but these straps are made from Super Soft rather than Pull-Up leather, which is just as durable but softer, suppler, and lighter in weight.

The Spectrum range offers high-end guitar straps with a real visual impact – they are the perfect choice if the traditional leather colours don’t quite match your style, but you still want something durable and hard-wearing. The Super Soft leather comes in black or white but is paired with suede and stitching in a huge range of colours.

Our Webbing straps are the best choice if you need continual adjustment, such as switching between multiple instruments worn at different lengths. Whilst the bulk of the strap is made from cotton webbing, there’s still some premium super soft leather at both ends for the Heistercamp stamp of quality.

Our Padded straps feature six millimetre thick sports foam, stitched in for that bit of extra support, comfort, and shoulder protection. The specially designed padding springs back to its original shape when not in use, so it won’t become flat or worn over time. These straps are a great choice if you have a niggling shoulder injury.

Our Raw range offers the same great luxury guitar straps, but at a lower price, as there is no lining on the underside of the strap. These straps are simple and rugged in their design, for a no-nonsense strap made from durable, quality material.

If you really want to make a statement, you can’t beat the Heavy Metal range, which features some of our best metalwork alongside premium leather, for luxury guitar straps of unparalleled quality. These are the real eye-catching showstoppers, whether you’re on stage in front of screaming fans, or just in your mate’s garage.

transmitter pouch

We also make leather transmitter pouches, acoustic neck straps and cable tidies to match your guitar strap. Keep an eye out for our next blog, where we’ll be talking about the things you need to consider before buying a guitar strap. In the meantime, if you’ve got a question about our range or need any advice, feel free to get in touch!